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Adding Localintel’s flexible suite of tools to your website is the easiest, most affordable way to promote local advantages, engage business and drive economic development.

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Turn your website into an economic development assistant.

Localintel's award-winning catalog of economic development tools offers everything you need to transform your existing website into a powerful engine for driving business attraction, expansion and retention.

Promote local opportunities

Business attraction is about standing out from the crowd. Use our award-winning tools to promote your community’s opportunities, strengths and assets.

Share local insights

Interactive dashboards and dynamic maps included in our tools make it easier for business, investors and site selectors to uncover insights about your community.

Help local business succeed

Data is only useful if you know how to use it. Localintel's tools include step by step guides explaining how business can use data to make better decisions.

Tools for communities of all sizes

From tiny villages to global cities, Localintel's online economic development tools will help your community stand out from the crowd and support business growth.

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How it works

You're busy,  budgets are tight and you need results. Here's how we help.

  • Easy to set up

    Just select your tools and upload supporting resources. We will take care of the rest.

  • Always up to date 

    We host your tools and make sure they stay up to date using the best data available.

  • Marketing included

    We help promote your tools to build awareness amongst the business community.

  • Powerful analytics

    We provide you with comprehensive user analytics to understand how the tools are being used and by who.

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Our Client Stories

Our clients have a lot to say

The Town of Sundre uses Localintel’s interactive economic development tools to help recruit and promote to new businesses. Being able to provide a biomedical industrial investor with legitimate information about the regional workforce via Localintel’s tools was a catalyst in helping secure their $10 million investment.

Jonathan Allan

Economic Development Officer

Town of Sundre

My office was not able to respond to all business inquiries adequately prior to our entering into a relationship with Localintel. Southfield is now able to assist clients 24/7 via the Localintel tools, enabling businesses access to information when they want it rather than being limited to our business hours.

Shelly Freeman

Business & Economic Development Director

City of Southfield

Airdrie Economic Development partnered with Localintel to create the Airdrie Business Zone microsite. Our microsite ensures local businesses, new investors and entrepreneurs can access the data they need to research local opportunities and prepare successful business plans. Working with the Localintel team has been a great experience.

Kent Rupert

Team Leader

Airdrie Economic Development

I was contacted by one of our local tv news reporters who is doing a story on the unemployment rate here in Carbon County. I was able to use the new data provided in Localintel’s tools to showcase in their story. They also used the graphs as a visual.

Kathy Henderson

Director Economic Development

Carbon County

I utilized Localintel’s tools during my budget presentation to Council. This assisted in garnering approval of our next budget.

Kevin Keller

Manager Economic Development

Municipal District of Greenview

By providing Localintel’s tools we support small business growth, job creation and strengthen relationships to the community. I’m always impressed at how Localintel continues to improve, offers new products and services to clients and delivers great customer service.

Nicole Mullings

Research and Strategy

Calgary Economic Development

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