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The world is changing.
So is economic development.

Today, more and more businesses rely on the internet to find information they need to make better decisions. This is where your municipality, chamber or regional organization can really help – by providing online information and advice that is easy to access, clear, relevant and up to date.

Localintel is harnessing the potential of big data to help communities to promote their strengths, share market intelligence and support local business growth.

Building and maintaining a world class economic development web presence is expensive, time consuming and simply not possible for most communities – until now.

Our surprisingly affordable catalogue of next-generation economic development tools brings together market intelligence, GIS technology, powerful analytics, machine learning and advanced user experience – in one fully integrated online solution.

We get it, you’re busy. You haven’t got time to be constantly updating information online. But you know how important it is to provide businesses with accurate market intelligence.

That’s why we build, host and update all our economic development tools for you. While you’re hard at work talking to businesses, we’re hard at work updating data and making improvements to ensure your economic development web presence is world class – day in, day out.

We’re creating powerful tools to help economic development professionals promote local opportunities and drive local business growth. Dave Parsell Co-Founder & CEO
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01.  Towns

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Town of Smithers, BC, Canada

Population: 4,932

02.  Counties & Districts

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New Castle County, DE, United States

Population: 549,643

03.  Cities

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City of Seattle, WA, United States

Population: 684,451

04.  Regions

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Greater Edmonton Region, AB, Canada

Population: 1,355,689

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We help businesses succeed in your community

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We make more data, more accessible to more communities

Dave Parsell, CEO – 15 years experience in economic development, local government and consulting. Holds a Masters of Public Administration, Masters of Environmental Planning and Bachelor of Commerce. Mad surfer and proud father. LinkedIn

Mehdi Amoui, CTO – PhD in software engineering and MSc in artificial intelligence. A University of Waterloo Alumni and a seasoned Silicon Valley co-founder with extensive experience in engineering complex software systems. Basketball gun and closet academic. LinkedIn

Craig Parsell, Chief Strategy Officer – Managing Director at global technology services firm Accenture. Founder of 6 start-ups and strategy guru for Localintel. Rugby lover and craft beer savant. LinkedIn

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We’re passionate supporters of local business growth. We believe communities can create prosperity by harnessing the potential of their people and local businesses. We're proud to have many incredible likeminded organizations by our side on this amazing journey.
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